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Sparkly Clean is a complete professional pressure washing Maryland company.  We have our own water tank so we do not need to hook up to your water supply and use your water to do the job.  This saves you additional money and does not require you to be home for us to do the work.
We also offer hot or cold water pressure washing to do the most effective cleaning possible.  Sometimes cold water just won’t get the job done on certain grime and surfaces.   So instead of using a low grade cold water only pressure washer from the local hardware store and not getting the surface as clean as it could be, we go the extra mile and make it “Sparkly Clean”.
Save Money
By hiring a reputable pressure washing Maryland company you can save yourself money on future repairs.  Things such as dirt and mildew can accumulate on exterior surfaces such as house siding and decks if not cleaned on a regular basis.
Increase Curb Appeal and Value
Pressure washing is also a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home.  Imagine coming home from a long day of work and pulling up to a nice clean immaculate house.  Your neighbors will be jealous with envy.
An added plus is also if you are looking to sell your home, pressure washing can increase the value of the home.
Imagine if you are a buyer looking for a new home and you go to two different homes with the same layout.  The first house has not been taken care of, the siding is dirty and has a green tinge to it, and the deck in the back yard is black and rotting.  Then the next house is sparkling clean and the deck has been washed and sealed and looks practically brand new.  Which house are you going to buy?
Do Your Homework
Before you hire a pressure washing Maryland company, make sure to do your homework.

  • Are they insured?
  • Do they offer cold and/or hot water?
  • Do they bring their own water tank, or need to use your water?
  • Are their methods up to date and proven to be effective for your circumstances?
  • Are they a professional company or a weekend warrior (using substandard machines and chemicals)?


Give us a call at 410-977-9165 or fill out the form at the top right of this page and we will come to you, give you a free estimate, and give you our expert opinion of how your job should be handled.